Utilities and Security Bonds

Utility & Security Bonds

Tenants are responsible for payment of all utilities. At the time of moving in, our representative will read the meters with you and we will write on your behalf transferring the services into the tenant’s name.

Between tenants there may arise the need to put the services back into the landlord’s name. If this does not happen, we will organize for the accounts to be sent to our office which we will then settle from your rental accounts. Should the property have an oil tank, we would request that this be filled, thus when a tenant vacates the property they will need to refill the tank as required.

We request that power be left on at the property at all times, particularly during the winter period when viewings may be required during early evenings or indeed when contractors require the power for any repairs.

A security bond is required for every letting. One and a half’s month’s rent is our normal charge and although some tenants feel that this is high, experience has shown that should work be required after a tenant has vacated the property , sufficient funds may be needed for cleaning, decorating, refilling oil tanks etc.

Bond’s are returned to the tenant at the expiry of the tenancy, subject to the property being handed back in a satisfactory condition allowing for fair wear and tear over the tenancy period.

Abuse of the property will not be tolerated and our periodic checks are a way of keeping in touch with both the tenant and property.

No negotiations over a bond will be entered into, if a prospective tenant is unwilling to pay the stipulated amount, then they will not move in.

Our aim is to maintain the very high standards of all our properties .We are delighted when we return a tenant’s bond in full, as it show’s both the tenant and us have cared for your home.



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