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Tenants Guide
Tenants Guide

Before any application can proceed, the property must be viewed. Once you are satisfied that the property meets your requirements, you will then be requested to complete an application form.

Referencing - Form

The application form is very straight forward to complete. Please complete this form with care, and where references are required, please make sure that the contacts are available.

  • We will also require proof of ID which is used to confirm your right to rent

  • Your information will be sent to a credit reference agency. Please note that as this is an external service, we do not have any direct dealings with the process once your form has been submitted to them.

If the report does not come back as satisfactory then we will notify the applicant and landlord accordingly.

If the report is satisfactory then we will move to the next stage, as detailed below.

Administration - Start Date

Once your application has been processed, we will agree a start date for the lease, and a move in day and time.

Once this has been agreed we will send you:

  • Two copies of the lease

  • An overview of the requirements to fulfil prior to and the date of moving in

  • A partially completed standing order for payment of future rents.

  • We will have an inventory and schedule of the condition of the property which we will check with you. This should be used as an opportunity to ensure any issues with the property are recorded in writing.

Moving In - Guide

Prior to moving in, both your bond (which is equivalent to 5 weeks rent) and your first month’s rent must have been paid and showing as cleared in John Prest Property Management account. Details on this will have been provided to you when the copies of the leases were issued.

We will meet you at the property on the day of moving in at an agreed time.

  • You will need to bring your leases signed by all the parties concerned, although only one party needs to attend the move in.

  • You will be requested to walk around the property with our representative who will read out the inventory, read the various meters and explain, in detail, anything that you may require, such as how to working the heating.

  • You will then be requested to sign the inventory and lease documents; we will sign on behalf of the landlords and you will be issued a copy of each to keep securely. Please note that we charge £25 for replacement copies of leases.

What's Next - Guide

You now have possession of your new home!

  • If access is required to carry out any works, then we will contact you to make necessary arrangements.

  • Please note that we do not keep copies of keys to your property. Should you lose your keys, then you must report this to us. We can recommend a locksmith but you will be responsible for paying for the new lock and keys.

We will contact the utility companies and the Council, to inform them of your move in and, where appropriate, supply them with the meter readings taken at the time of occupation.

It is advisable you contact the utilities companies yourself to make your payment details known.

Copies of utility letters will be available from us at a later date if needed.

You are now able to organise moving your belongings in.

And Finally.... Other Useful Information

We want everything to run smoothly, however issues do occur. Should there be any problem with the property, including damage, safety concerns, or repairs, we ask that you contact us immediately so we can arrange rectification as swiftly as possible.

Every six months we will write to you with a request to carry out an inspection. The inspection will give you the chance to voice any concerns or problems that you may have about the property. It also allows us to report back on the condition of the property to the owner.

Should you wish to end your tenancy and vacate the property, contact the office and we will guide you through the process.

If you have any questions or concerns, please do not hesitate to contact us.

John Prest