Tenants Guide


Before any application can proceed, the property must be viewed.

Once you are satisfied that the property meets your requirements, you will then be requested to complete an application form.

This is where costs start to be incurred.



The application form is very straight forward to complete. Please complete this form with care and where references are required, please make sure that the contacts are available. If the reference contacts are unavailable for whatever reason, this will only delay the application from moving forward. The reference checks are carried out by an outside agency therefore we at John Prest do not deal directly with the actual application but will do our best to assist you where we can. 


Once your application has been processed, and assuming your application has been accepted, we will need a start date and time.

Once this has been agreed we will send you:

(i) Two copies of the lease

(ii) An account of the requirements of what is required on the day of moving in

(iii) A partially completed standing order for payment of future rents.

We will prepare an inventory and schedule of conditions which will be checked with you on the moving in date.

Move In

We will meet you at the property on the day of moving in at an agreed time. Here you need to bring your leases signed by all the parties concerned, although only one party needs to attend the move in.

You will be requested to walk around the property with our representative who will read out the inventory, read the various meters and explain in detail anything that you may require. You will then be requested to sign the inventory and a copy of this will be handed to you. We will then sign the leases you have bought with you and again a copy will be given to you.

To complete the move in you will be required to pay the amount of money required in the account.

Please note:

Monies paid on the day of move in must be either cash or a bank or building society cheque

Personal cheques cannot be accepted on the day and the move in will not proceed.

If you wish to pay by personal cheque, then it must have cleared our account first, possibly taking up to 10 days.

All service will be up and running and the property will be provided in a clean condition any legal requirements e.g. gas safety certificates will have been completed but please bear in mind contractors are not the quickest to supply paperwork, therefore if the certificate has not yet been received, we will be unable to offer a copy at the move in.

What's Next

You are now in occupation of the property and the keys will be in your possession.

Please note that we do not hold any keys ourselves, so if access is needed for trade people, then we need to make prior arrangements with you.

Upon returning to the office, we will contact the utility companies, councils etc. and inform them of your move in and the meter readings taken at the time of occupation.

It is advisable you contact the utilities companies yourself to make payment details known to them as they are not particularly quick in responding to our letters.

Copies of utility letters will be available from us at a later date if needed.

You are now able to organise your move in.


We want everything to run smoothly, however hiccups do occur, please be patient, as we will sort out matters as soon as we can. Please be aware that sometimes matters are out of our hands but we will do our best to help you.

Every six months we will write to you regarding a request to carrying out a periodic inspection, these inspections will give you the chance to voice any concerns or problems that you may have about the property. In the mean time, should any urgent or a safety issues arise; please call our office to report what has happened.

Should you at any time consider moving out of the property, please ring us immediately and we will advise you of the notice period that is required to proceed.

If you have any further questions, please do not hesitate to contact us.



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