Once the move-in date is arranged, the next step is to provide all the necessary paperwork to proceed with transaction.

The tenancy document is a very detailed document covering all the legal notices required, the terms and conditions of the letting and any extras.

In addition, we will prepare a detailed inventory/schedule of the Condition of Contents.

Future rents will be paid by sending orders on a regular basis.

We will organize this at the time of check in. At the appointed time of the move in date, we will:

  • Meet up with the prospective tenants.
  • Sign all the paperwork on behalf of the landlord.
  • All meters will be read including electricity, gas etc.
  • Payment of the first month’s rent and security bonds will be accepted.
  • Explain and show to the tenant the operation of any boilers, heating systems, alarm controls etc.
  • Organize for the legal requirements of the Gas Safety Certificates and any other items that are required.
  • We will organize final meter readings and accounts.
  • Arrange for the Utilities to be transferred into the name of the incoming tenant.



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