Moving In

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Movinfg In
Moving In

Once we are in a position to arrange for the tenant to move in, the next step is to coordinate multiple tasks.

The Tenancy Document - Our Services

Preparation of the tenancy document:

  • Lease

  • All legal notices e.g., Tenancy Deposit Scheme, EPC, gas and/or electrical safety check certificates

  • Terms and conditions

  • Details of how tenants should make payment

  • Tenant guidance notes

  • Detailed inventory and schedule of the condition of the contents

  • Details of how payments should be made

Move-In Date- Our Services

At the appointed time of the move in date, we will:

  • Meet up with the prospective tenants.

  • Sign the leases and copies of the inventory on behalf of the landlord.

  • Final meter readings will be taken.

  • Demonstrate the operation of boilers, heating systems, alarm controls etc.

  • Arrange for the utilities to be transferred into the name of the incoming tenant.