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Inspections & Repairs
Inspections & Repairs

It is vital to ensure that the property is well maintained, and that the tenant is content in their home.

Tenant Contact - Inspections

Approximately every six months, we will contact the tenant and advise them of the need to carry out a routine inspection of the property.

This allows us the opportunity to advise you of the general condition of the property, and of any immediate or forthcoming maintenance requirements. Of course, it also allows the tenant to raise any issues.


As a landlord you are responsible for all the repairs that may occur, other than tenant damage.

Should repairs be required, then any minor ones, (up to a value of £100), will be carried out without prior approval of the landlord and payment will be settled from rents received and shown as an expense on your rental statement. The original contractor’s invoice will be attached to your statement.

Larger repairs or works which may be subject to insurance claims will be referred to you for further instruction.

All repairs are carried out by approved contractors who are covered by appropriate public liability insurance.

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